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What's Happening

  • We are excited to announce our fabulous thread removing sponge!  It is now available online for purchase!  You can order it for $3.99. The sponge adventure is just getting started! We are thrilled that United Notions Distributor is selling our sponges to quilt shops across the USA, parts of Europe and Canada! We are expecting our sponge sales to help fund our expansion plans!  So keep in touch and watch us grow!
  • We are sewing on PHD's (projects half done!) on Friday nights for no cost, just fun!
  • Quilting Day Care Class - ongoing quilt class that meets 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday afternoons...2pm-4pm. $10.00 per visit. We work continually as a class with the same pattern. Each person building their own quilt at their own pace. We will be starting a new quilt on July 1st.  The name is Washington's Puzzle. It is pictured below.

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