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About Us

So...about us....we have been open since 2009!  Woohoo!  We started in a 288 square foot building that my little sister bought for us to open our business. We were an actual mom and pop shop starting with $1000! My husband, Bill, repaired computers and I did alterations. I had two sewing machines and my husband had two computers in very tight quarters! We quickly out grew the building and moved to our present location. We had three businesses in one building: my sister's real estate business, my alteration business and my husband's computer business. Oh yeah, we also sold used furniture! 

The businesses have gone through several changes since the beginning. We no longer sell furniture but my sister is still a Realtor(although as the fabric shop grows, she deals with daily diminishing office space).  We started a quilting class in February 2012 and my husband remarked that it resembled a quilting day care as he watched the husbands carry sewing machines in for their wives and dropping them off! The name stuck and to this day we continue to hold quilting day care!  We also added a long arm quilting machine in October 2012. 

After my husband passed away, in February 2013, life got a bit harder.  With the help and encouragement from many friends and family, we started selling fabric in June 2014.  I could not have done it without my posse of peeps!  The small and big miracles that have happened here at the shop are endless. For example, a friend asked permission to hold her quilt class here almost exactly one year before my husband died. That class changed the course of my business and I believe God was preparing my life for what He knew was coming. That's why we call our shop, "the shop that God built." It has been a long hard struggle but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Things are happening so fast, it's hard to keep up.  So now we do alterations, long arm quilting, quilting classes, private sewing classes and sell fabric.  Oh yeah, in the small corner that remains my little sister is selling real estate!   We call her the realtor-quilter!

We now have a new home!  We bought a 1947 building and have restored it.  Please come by and check us out!  We are very excited about our new adventure!
Our address is 315 N. Bridge, Henrietta, TX 76365.  Just look for the orange awning!